6 Used Surfboard Red Flags

Here is a quick checklist of 6 used surfboard things to be aware of when shopping for a new used surfboard. Be on your guard, especially beginners.

  1. A part of the used surfboard is highly discolored or yellowed. This would mean a significant area, like 25% or more of one side, or a whole rail, or a whole nose ect. Some used surfboards have baked in the sun too long and the fiberglass becomes brittle and fragile.
  1. You can feel soft spot or delamination, especially around old repairs or more commonly where the surfer puts his/her foot. This means the used surfboard has been ridden very hard and may not have too much life left.
  1. The used surfboard is very heavy, especially in the middle section. This means the board has possibly been broken or buckled at least once. Once a snapped surfboard is repaired very well and will survive mellow beginner surf conditions but it will never ride like an unbroken surfboard.
  1. The fins wiggle around in the fin box. This could be nothing more than a loose or stripped screw or it could also mean a loose fin or a loose fin box. Note, not all center fins on longboards fit all fin box makes. If this is the case it is easily remedied with a little wax paper to tighten things up or a little sand paper to loosen them.
  1. Too many open dings. A ding refers to an area in the external fiberglass or epoxy encasing of the board that is open enough to let water in. Check by seeing if you can get a fingernail or a piece of paper through it. A lot of dings can be fixed easily, even by you, but how much is too much?
  1. You don’t like the color of a used surfboard. Mheh! I turned this one around on the reader. All too often people pass on amazing used surfboards because of the color or looks alone. Remember, if you are a beginner surfer especially, surfing is not a fashion statement and you are going to look like a kook no matter what. Might as well own it! Plus, there are always ways to make the color a little more appealing to your aesthetics. A can of spray paint and stencils, surfboard paint markers, stickers and all kinds of fun artsy ideas in the world. Get creative and embrace your kookiness.

Shop around and or call us to get the used surfboard that works best for you!


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